Community Dues

We remain committed to our mission of building community through ongoing events that will be organized and sponsored by the BSCO board. We hope these events are fun and meaningful to all neighbors, and that they foster inclusivity and the feeling of community that help great neighborhoods like ours thrive. In order to support these events, we draw upon community funds to pay for the materials and entertainment required to execute these events.

We generate revenue in two primary ways:

1. Annual community dues at $30 per household.

2. Revenue-generating activities like raffle sales, community yard sale and other fundraising events.

We are implementing a new way to pay and keep up with community dues to make this process easier for both you as a member of the community as well as the board leadership and treasurer. 

Official Community Boundaries Map 

Payment Options

Pay One-time Community Dues
One-time payment
Setup Auto-draft Community Dues
per year

Payment FAQ

When are community dues due?

Per the Biddleville-Smallwood Community Organization Bylaws, dues are due annually on a Calendar year basis in January of each year.

Example if you moved into the neighborhood in June, and paid your community dues that would be for the current year, and then in Jan the next year you would pay the dues for that new calendar year. 

How do I cancel my annual dues that are setup on Auto-Renew?

If you need to cancel your dues that are setup on the Annual Auto Renew, simply send an email to, with the subject line "Cancel Dues Renewal". Within the body of the email please provide the original name and address the auto-renew was setup with. 

Are there other ways to pay dues?

You can complete this Member Application along with a check or cash in person at the next community meeting or by dropping it in our mailbox. Instructions are on the application.