Getting Involved

There are many ways that you can get involved with the Community. Check out the Community Organization for local organizations that may need assistance from local community members. 


If you are interested in getting involved with the Community Board there are also multiples ways that you can help based on your own available schedule and time commitments. 


Board Members working at an eventCommunity Board

We are always looking for those members of the Community that are dedicated to our mission of building community. If you are someone that has time to dedicate to furthering our mission and want to make an impact on the community in which we all live then please reach out to us or speak with one of the Community Board members at the next Community Meeting. If there are no open seats on the Board, then nominations are in the fall with new members joining at the beginning of December. We do ask that you consider the time you are able to commit, each member of the board takes on a specific Community Lead position where they coordinate with City and County officials for their specific role. The Board meets every other month, and members are also expected to attend the Community Meetings that take place in the off months between the board meetings, as well as helping with Community Events.


Event Volunteers

We can never have enough volunteers to help for our Community Events. From sorting, pricing and setting up for the Community Yard Sale, to assisting with Raffle ticket sales, and maning a station at the Chili cook-off or spring festival, we NEED dedicated and reliable volunteers that are committed and will show up and assist. If you are interested in Volunteering for some of our upcoming events feel free to Contact Us, or be on the look out for emails calling for Volunteers.